The Duck & Declaration.

This is what I’ve been up to: Firmenlauf, Kastenlauf, Ruby, Seehaus, Pacha, Ungererbad, Seehaus, Chinesischer Turm. There are some great photos and a couple of anecdotes in the post, by way of a reward to the loyal followers of this blog.



So my last post was on the 12th of July on a gorgeous afternoon in Munich. Shortly after publishing the post, I was off out on my adventures again. Friday evening got off to a fine start. After a busy and satisfying week of work, driving the European economy and pushing profits for the most reputable company in the world, we had a bite to eat and began our brainstorming by rolling around Munich in my very good friend Max’s BMW 3 Series Touring. It was a cool and breezy evening in Munich and we were pondering what to do with ourselves. As usual, the world was our oyster. We got back from our little drive and had a few civilized drinks at the Wohnheim. And if you believed that you’ll believe anything.

When I’m pondering what to do in Munich, a good idea is to see what Niklas is up to.  Fate was such that Niklas was also pondering what to do after a few Maß in the Augustinerkeller he gave Doctor Marcus a call. My instincts came to me and it turned out to be a night of wonder at Christophe’s recommended club of choice in the Bavarian capital. I prescribed a night out a Ruby’s at Stachus which is a guaranteed night of relaxed hip-hop counterbalanced by slightly overly aggressive bouncers of indeterminably Mediterranean origins. I was thrown out for being asleep, which doesn’t really make sense when you think about it. I mean, once he’d woken me up I expressed my gratitude to the bouncer and proceeded to stand up and continue to dance and drink. This was however, never going to happen, as apparently slipping out of consciousness is a crime against clubbing and I was bundled out of the club faster than an Albanian at a border crossing.


The night was declared a success, posthumously. After a fairly heavy night out, probably the last thing that’s a good idea to do is a beer marathon. Although on the other hand, since it’s not a proper marathon, proper training isn’t necessary valid. The photos of “Kastenlauf” show the beginning and end.

My mate Jeff and Kat.

Tiffany is in Munich and I made her partake in this traditional Bavarian beer Marathon. We even managed to get in some great Guerrilla Marketing for the blog. This event sums up my year abroad. Beer and running have both been regular activities. A minimal 8km doesn’t sound too bad at first – what’s all the fuss about Marcus? The fuss is having to run around the Englischer Garten carrying a crate of beer and having to complete alcohol-based challenges at five checkpoints along the route.

Me and Tiff  proudly promoting the blog.

The heat was unbelievable and led to our swift intoxication. Those Spanish students who organised it were totally crackers.

A very upbeat Spanish guy. Of course he was – he wasn’t in Spain.

Afterwards there may have been a few girls who I threw into the river. All in the name of good sport. They loved it really, even though they protested at first. Like when you offer them more chocolate cake.

Thursday – Firmenlauf

Disco Dave has now officially moved out of the Wohnheim and is off going travelling in August. He will be sorely missed. one of our final achievements together was B2Run. It’s a 6.2km Fun Run around the Olympic Park and is basically a massive corporate jamboree. Still though, the atmosphere was great and we were fed and watered and generally looked after. We got T-shirts AND medals!


Everyone’s a winner!

Techno Tilmann has been doing another one of his mental downhill races (last week) here is a video of the race in which he took part involving loads of mountain bikers falling down a mountain.

Friday 26th July.


Seehaus again

Last Saturday was Max’s birthday. We trotted down to Pacha and Max treated us to a very civilized evening. Cheers mate! It was very Made in Munich.

Pacha #madeinmunich

On the Sunday evening I enjoyed a Maß with the boss at the Chinesischer Turm. All was well, although the weather did turn a little too English for our liking at one point. The main event was a couple of quite attractive American girls who were putty in my hands as the British accent was rolled out.  I took it upon myself to do a little more Guerrilla Marketing and went over to the table. Furthermore, I had the displeasure of running into a rather uncouth Australian last night. He seemed to be shouting about how he worked for Audi, which I couldn’t understand. Firstly, is that something to show off about? Secondly, was anyone impressed? As I was sporting a BMW Product Genius T-shirt (thanks Kevin) it became clear that I was about to be picked on. Sadly the Aussie didn’t have the charm to disarm and he was bowled out, just like his fellow countrymen in the Ashes. his tone was unappealing to me and in a rather ungentlemanly manner he made his biggest mistake of the evening. He interrupted me mid-chat-up. There are many things I will let slide, but interrupting the Fabian routine is an unforgivable crime.

“So youuu work for BMW, right?”


“Oi wiirk fa’ Auuudi.” – he sat back and crossed his arms, a faint breeze of satisfaction blew gently over his face. I thought I must have misheard so I raised the question to my colonial brother in arms:

“Sorry I didn’t catch that, do you mean the budget cars or the budget supermarket?”

He was a sitting duck, you could go as far as to say that I’d bowled him out for a golden duck. He was lacking in the comeback department and his mates laughed him out for six. Hey, hey – I didn’t start it. After that I let him be. He had had a lot to deal with. The Australians who I’ve had the discomfort of meeting tend to go one of two ways sadly. There’s the positive way: the guy with a tattoo of the outline of his country tattooed onto his arm and tells you where Perth is even though you already know, they’re nice but slightly dim. Then you’ve got the second path: the smart-Alec. Unfortunately for this particular specimen he was one boomerang short of a hunting trip and suffered duly under some basic wit.

In my personal life I’ve also met someone who’s completely changing the way I think about everything mainly because she’s gorgeous and talented and modest and makes me laugh. She knows who she is. If you are reading this now then I guarantee you know who you are. Yes, yes it’s you. So there you have it. Now she’s now been written about and made me look like a right Charlie. But there it is. There I said it. That’s life. Life is complicated but you just have to embrace those challenges and be thankful that you had the chance to spend some time with the right people.

I’m still loving Munich and I’m making sure I enjoy every minute I have left with my great colleagues, friends and everyone else. I’m definitely not ready to leave yet.

Oh, alright that’s your lot. Get out of here.


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