A Bavarian Birthday.



This weekend I wasn’t the only one partying in Munich, everyone in Munich was out and about, even though technically “they weren’t invited to my party”. This is because Munich was hosting its own party: the Champions League Final party. Friday was spent mentally preparing for the day ahead.  Many of my friends and colleagues had their doubts and to be fair it was looking a bit grim in Bavaria’s capital, the forecast was overcast with a chance of rain. We’re now in the end of May and we’ve had grey skies and damp air which has been chipping away at our spirit. The weather has clearly had an adverse effect on people’s mental well-being and thus the final financial forecast was overdrawn with a chance of painThe plan had been to meet at the Augustinerkeller Biergarten for 11am and then to remain there the entire day drinking in the sunshine. Instead it rained (as expected) and the change of plan came from Justin who suggested it might be a good shout to watch the match at Paulaner am Nockerberg. As I arrived, I was on the phone and spotted Nath sitting with…wait….Simon?!

You know who your mates are when they travel from another city to stay with another friend so that they can surprise you on your birthday. Simon Falk, the image, the man, the brand, our very own resident Leodis Democrat. It was a fantastic start to the day, I had just spoken to my parents about how Si wouldn’t be able to make it due to last minute plans to go to Valencia.

My surprise for Simon was that there was no real back-up plan and that yes, despite crippling doubts of the Germans who were trying to rain it off, I enforced a standard Fabian Family policy of refusing to let weather impact on activities (within reason). We ended up sitting in the Biergarten on a wet bench on a Saturday morning. Even though all reasonable sources were pointing to the horrific weather, I was stubborn/determined enough that if I didn’t think about the rain, it wouldn’t be able to dampen our spirits. I was sort of wrong, in the sense that we became wet, but sort of right, in the sense that we got on with it anyway. Of course the weather was fantastic in the UK, just as this time of year always has been and will always be on the 25th of May…

Despite the match itself being held at Wembley in my home town of London, all hell broke loose in Munich as footballing titans FC Bayern Munich clashed with giants Borussia Dortmund, making them both seem normal sized. This was the first time two German teams had battled it to the final and history was about to be made for one lucky team. Both my be “German teams” but they even make colossal Derbys like United vs. City look like a gentle stroll in the park. This might be due to the deeply rooted religious and cultural significances attached to each team. It’s as if the Holy Roman Empire is taking on the Kingdom of Prussia. It’s personal. Of course the Germans are silly about things like crossing the road, protecting themselves from the elements and having zero speed restrictions on large sections of the motorway. Although I can’t speak for Borussia, in Bavaria three things are taken very seriously. These include Catholicism, beer and the most serious of all; the English disease: football.

It was great to be able to spend the day with so many good friends: Nath and Si of course were the founding fathers of the party. Tilmann & Tiana took their time but were there when it counted, the charming David & Larissa came on down, Susanna was being her usual lovely self Jenny, Charleen & Nelli got the chocolates in and a mini-candle cake, Maciek brought his Polish spirits as usual, this time he smuggled my present in from Poland: a bottle of 37,5% Hazelnut vodka.  Ludo even amde it down to the game despite his parents being in town.

The Game itself

“Naturally the superior team soared to victory; history wouldn’t have allowed anything else to happen.

A couple of innocent enough looking Dortmund fans were wondering around and I did slightly feel for them as the Bayern fans singled them out and ridiculed them as sons of bitches “Ally ally ally ally oiiii, BVB, Hürensöhne” and repeated times ten. They’re not known for their sporting nature the FCB fans,, although I can’t imagine the chants being any better for the Bayern fans at public viewings in Dortmund.

From then on it was game over for me, even though it was only half time for Bayern.

My lovely BMW girls: Charleen, Nelli & Jenny.

Shortly afterwards, Bayern fans tried to kill me by throwing cigarettes and broken glass Rochtung Engländer

Susanna and the lads got a card in for me as well as a Viking hat to wear.

Misinterpretation of my childhood name for myself “Barcus” (due to pronunciation incompetence)

Danke Susanna, David, TIlmann & Serguei

Marcus’ typical singing antics:

“We love you Weasley, we do” he did look a lot like our good friend Ronald. Meanwhile, later on Leopoldstraße I decided to recite Hot ‘n’ Juicy’s 1998 hit “Horny ’98” as I paraded around in my single-horned Viking hat, to the bemusement of many passers-by and to the amusement of onlookers.

falling asleep for the first half of the

“How high do you want to goal, how high do you want the goal how high do you want the goal how high do you want the goal.”

The Bayern fans mistook this jest for an England chant and we already tense given it was 1-1. I was greeted with a barrage of cigarettes and eventually even bits of broken glass, but nothing could stop me I was truly indestructible on the day.

Techno Tilmann notified me on Sunday that I retorted to the medieval mass of Münchners that “I was for Munich but now I’m for Dortmund” at the 1-1 stage which in Hindsight is exactly what my mother had feared would happen. I’ll blame Maciek’s Marvellous Medicine on my rowdiness. Measured in terms of Jones, I rocketed from Bridget to Indiana levels after half a bottle of the nutty vodka.

Premium colleagues: Auri, Serguei and Sascha

On Sunday as the weekend drew to a close, Nath and I revisited our favourite Mexican bar/restaurant near Hauptbahnhof attempted a severely hungover swim and saw Simon off. Overall a great weekend was had despite the weather trying to put a downer on the proceedings.

Adam’s adventures continue as he leaves his Burg and ventures to meet Natalie in the Far-East. From Made in Munich, we wish him the best of luck on his voyage and may there by much sun, few nuts and zero tsunamis. Basically realised that everyone I know is going to be in Thailand in June, including the triple A’s. Alfie, Adi and Angus will all gracing “the Dulwich of Asia” (South-East Asia) s going to Thailand that I don’t know about?

Also many thanks to friends and family who sent gifts and cards to Milbersthofen-Am-Hart, it was much appreciated!


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