Mittagsessen beim BMW-Vierzylinder.

Tuesday 4th September 2012

Phrases of the day:
Bis gleich – see you in a bit
(es) freut mich – pleased to meet you

We took a tour around the BMW-Welt which is just the most immaculate and well-designed museum/event you can imagine. With our ID’s we get in for free which is cool. Today I had the pleasure of going for lunch at the BMW-Vierzylinder and being driven around in the new X6. To say that it was a cool experience is an understatement. It was absolutely brill.

I struggled to get an iPhone contract because my EC-Karte hasn’t arrived yet. Which means what despite having all the details correct, the account isn’t activated and so can’t be used.

In other news the person in the room above me started going mental and started throwing everything out of their window like some crazed banshee. We saw flashes of pink as women’s underwear braced itself for a rough landing. Myself and Matthias were half expecting a TV to come crashing down at some point. Rather than check whether the occupier was OK, we decided it would be better to giggle about their misfortunes all evening.

Nath came round for pasta which we ate out of the pan, becasue someone may have forgotten to buy Teller (plates) or Schüssel (bowls). Matthias and his friend Fabian then joined us and we had a strange introduction. As I began to introduce myself as Marcus, he replied “Fabian”. I was completely dumbfounded by this. “Meine Nachname ist auch Fabian…”. Anyway, they brought a “Bügeleisen” (iron) which pretty much made my day.

Golden nugget of advice: If you need cutlery and/ crockery then “Karstadt” or “Kaufhof” are the places to go.


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