LMU mag uns nicht!

Thursday August 30th 2012

As you can see the weather for the rest of the week is depressing to say the least.


I got up a bit later than Nath today who managed to get a house viewing. I then proceeded to finally try to get a Student ID or Immatrikulationsausweis from LMU. Guess what? I was in the wrong office, again. Th only upside to this was finding out that we weren’t permitted to register with the Uni if we are on a placement. Which  when you think about it, sort of makes sense.

We will instead have to venture on and take our contracts to Deutsche Bahn tomorrow to try to get a discount on a monthly travel pass (because we are shameless students). We have realised that there are a few things that need doing before we start work. And since we only have tomorrow to do them in it’s going to be a stressful day! We need to find out how to get a Lohnsteuerkarte (an Income tax card), Sozialversicherungsausweis (National insurance card) and Schulbescheinigung. Not sure we will be able to do this entirely oursleves. It is time to bring out the big guns…Nächster Halt: Britisches Generalkonsulat. Wish us luck – we’ll need it.


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