Kreisverwaltungsreferat & Bäbes.

Tuesday 28th August 2012


An early start meant lots of accommodation hunting to try and find Nath his Müncher Bäbes. We then got the rest of the day off to a cracking start with a large Lidl shop which only came to around 35€. After a hearty brunch of baguettes we decided to “anmelden” which we thought would be possible at the Rathaus in Marienplatz. Unfortunately we were in the wrong place but we did at least receive a “Zettel” which pointed us in the right direction to The Kreisverwaltungsreferat and Bürgerbüro in Ruppertstraße 19, the nearest U-Bahn station being Poccistraße. Having got our photos taken in a booth we waited for our numbers to show up on the screen. In the office we were asked for “Ausweis” and the efficient process of signing a couple of forms regarding nationality, religion and marital status were signed.

Having completed this process successfully we decided it was time to try to register with the University and to ask their advice about a couple of things; whether or not we need to register anywhere else for tax or health reasons for example. It was closed at the time we went so we have delayed our mission there until tomorrow.

The sun shone all day and we decided to celebrate our success by going for a stroll around the Englischer Garten. This was our warmest day by far at around a high of 28 degrees in the early afternoon. Münchers were all too easily persuaded to go for a beer in the park and a large amount of students were relaxing in the sun beside a cool and medium-flowing brook that runs through the park. To our surprise there were tens of bikini-clad blonde haired bright smiling girls swimming and splashing each other in the river. Our jaws dropped as we stood on a bridge overlooking the”action”. It turns out that despite being fairly Roman catholic the German girls aren’t shy about getting their kit off. “It bodes well for the coming year”, I thought smiling to myself, “it bodes well”.

As we walked further up the stream I began to feel as if people were giving us slightly odd looks – have they not SEEN a Team GB T-Shirt before? I hope I do manage to fit in eventually – perhaps a Bayern München shirt is in order?


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